Plastic Surgeries R Us

My brochure was based off plastic surgery for people that want a change on their body. It includes testimonials from people that have already had the procedure done and telling how they feel like a better person. It also includes prices and the type of surgeries that we have. My brochure is a nice professional color and font to make it advertising.


Brochure Design

In a brochure the four design principles are used to design a good brochure. In the first before and after brochure design, the principle contrast was used in the background heading boarder. It has a dark orange header and the words have a white font. It also uses reptition for with the lines going between the different types of insurance thats being provided. The second before and after brochure uses more images and color to advertise the chiropractic center. irt also uses contrast with some parts if the brochure being dark blue with a white font and the other parts light blue with a dark blue font. And the third before and after brochure uses only three colors and provide more information and splits the information into columns. It also show images as well to get a view of what the brichure is describing.

Product Package

I have had an experience about shopping and looking at a shirt and some skinny jeans that made me want to buy them. It didn’t have to be a certain name brand,as long as it looks nice. The skinny jeans were bright colored, which is something I like and the shirt was more of a jean long sleeve shirt. Put them both together and it looked nice and bright colors is something that will get my attention.

Event Invitation

My event invitation is for a baby shower. It has who’s having the baby and the dates and times on the invitation as well. It’s the same color as the baby’s nursery and it’s a professional invitation that makes the guests want to keep it.